These show my 1977 S1 Esprit just after getting it running. Still a lot to do!

As I bought it.

Drivable, barely.

Video Game photo.

Esprit rear shock installation tip...

Method to hold REAR Esprit shock eye rigid for mounting in car.
Insert pliers as shown, release spring compressor till snug.
Install shock eye and insert bolt, then compress spring with tool to
remove pliers. Finally release spring compressor.

Modification to use aftermarket ISSPRO oil sender directly on 9XX block. S1 Esprit guage is electric,
other models would have to change guage to electric equivalent.

Shows new hole drilled in oil manifold from the rear. Original was welded shut.

Shows front side and new oil sender.

Test installation on block in shop.

Installation on engine.

Aftermarket ISSPRO fuel level sender modification. Guage remains unchanged.

Gas level sender kit with old flange removed.

New Stewart-Warner flange welded in place.